KRS-One does not perform tonight at the East River Park amphitheater

I must have gotten confused, because I was getting excited about going to the free KRS-One concert today in NYC, but it turns out it was last Thursday and I already missed it. (Argh—I just found out that I missed a Bahamadia show in Brooklyn last week too, which I’m much more upset about. I am clearly not on top of my game!)

I know KRS-One‘s a hip hop legend and all, but he wasn’t the real reason I was excited about the show. The real reason was the venue: the East River Park amphitheater.

A couple of years ago, after I purchased the first bicycle of my adult life—an old, rusty “Free Spirit” bike with a wide, comfy seat aptly named “Cheeks”—at Recycle a Bicycle in the East Village, I rode over to the East River Park so I could try it out. As I was savoring my newfound freedom and winding though the park, I came across the amphitheater. There was some very indie band playing there, with very few fans and onlookers. It seemed like such a special, secret venue, and I instantly became enamored.

That’s why, two years later, I was simultaneously glued to the screen and jumping up and down with excitement as I watched a rented DVD of Wild Style on a quiet night by myself. Wild Style is an amazing movie from 1982 about the early days of hip hop in the South Bronx. I would recommend it to anyone who lives in New York City, anyone who has been to New York City, or anyone who has thought about coming to New York City. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever listened to hip hop in their life. I would recommend it to anyone whose eyes have brightened or widened or narrowed at the sight of graffiti art or any kind of art.

Anyway, in the movie, the main character is a talented graffiti artist named Zoro (Lee Quiñones). At the climax of the movie, Zoro gets commissioned to paint the entire East River Park amphitheater with one huge mural. (You should see him paint!) And then there’s this amazing hip hop show there with, like, the very first hip hop stars of the city, and they’re coming out of the South Bronx and just getting famous, and the energy in the crowd is just so fresh. You just have to see it, I think.

The soundtrack is awesome too, especially the “South Bronx Subway Rap” by Grandmaster Caz.


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3 Responses to “KRS-One does not perform tonight at the East River Park amphitheater”

  1. joy Says:

    your blog looks great! i seem to keep missing out on bahamadia as well. are you going to check out the brother ali show tomorrow?

  2. joannameng Says:

    she is so elusive. where can i get those songs from her myspace page??

    no, i’m not going to brother ali, but let me know how it is if you do go!

  3. hanalae Says:

    hi i’m possibly becoming a blogger it is.

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