New record label in post-Katrina New Orleans

I was reading the latest issue of GOOD Magazine, and came across the story of Kim Roberts, a resident of New Orleans’s Ninth Ward who lived through Hurricane Katrina. She had happened to buy an old video camera off the street one week before the hurricane hit; so she recorded her experiences surviving the storm. Now, her footage is going to be part of a documentary called Trouble the Water, which opens next week in New York and L.A.

Before Katrina, Kim was an aspiring rap artist. Since, she has started her own record company called Born Hustler Records and put out an album under the name Black Kold Madina. Her music (and her developing rap career) are also included in the documentary. Click here to check out Born Hustler Records and Black Kold Madina.

As the anniversary of Katrina is coming up, I’ll be sure to post more soon about some of the musical linkages.


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2 Responses to “New record label in post-Katrina New Orleans”

  1. joannameng Says:

    Oops! I didn’t get a chance to post again about Katrina, but check out this list of interesting music happenings in NOLA:

  2. Amber Says:

    I just saw her documentary on HBO. She has inspired me to reach out and help someone. After seeing how she helped people, when she had nothing, made me realize that I should do more for people. I can’t ever imaging being in her shoes to began with, and then she had to go through Katrina. Yet somehow, she managed to be positive and giving through the whole ordeal. I hope she and her family get many blessings that come their way.

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