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Do not get complacent!

October 28, 2008

Inspiration from Jay Smooth:

(Thanks, Carmen!)


Playlist: On the bus to New York City

October 20, 2008
  1. DJ Cappel & Smitty –
    Biggie @ 5 Pointz in Queens

    Biggie @ 5 Pointz in Queens

    “Juicy/New York, New York” (from Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy, the Notorious B.I.G./Frank Sinatra mix)

  2. Jay-Z featuring Lil Wayne – “Hello Brooklyn”
  3. Kevin So – “New York City” (gotta love the cheesy lyrics by this man)
  4. Pete Miser – “From the 718” (interlude)
  5. Mos Def – “Brooklyn”
  6. Vampire Weekend – “A-Punk” (“I saw Joanna down in the subway/She took an apartment in Washington Heights”)
  7. Joni Mitchell – “Chelsea Morning”
  8. Suzanne Vega – “New York Is a Woman”
  9. LCD Soundsystem – “New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” (I don’t really listen to LCD Soundsystem, but the title of this song is pretty irresistible.)
  10. Talib Kweli & Jean Grae – “New York Shit” (better than the Busta Rhymes version, I think)
  11. Mobb Deep – “Best of Queens” (I have trouble finding songs to represent my borough.)
  12. Grandmaster Caz – “South Bronx Subway Rap” (from Wild Style, the best movie about NYC ever)
  13. La Bruja – “Nuyorico” (“And if you’re in the mood to view the city lights/Of paradise, you don’t even have to go to Paris/You can go out on the Rosie Perez Terrace/Where tropical sounds can be found”)

TMBG loves the World’s Fair site

October 14, 2008

One of my favorite buildings in all of New York City is the New York State Pavilion, which was used in the 1964-65 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens.

I was pleased to find out recently that the video for my favorite They Might Be Giants song, “Don’t Let’s Start,” was shot inside the Pavilion!

Notice the map on the floor that John and John are rolling on around 1:10 in the video. It’s a road map of New York state. Nowadays it looks like this:

And another one of TMBG’s songs, “Ana Ng,” which I also like (especially because that’s practically my name), mentions the World’s Fair site:

All alone at the ’64 World’s Fair
Eighty dolls yelling “Small girl after all”
Who was at the Dupont Pavilion?
Why was the bench still warm? Who had been there?

Palin and Biden battle rap!

October 3, 2008

I’m loving this battle rap between Palin and Biden. It’s more entertaining than last night’s debate was:

And while you’re at it, check out some of Jay Smooth‘s other brilliant videos: Hipster Rap and the Guide to “No Homo”.

Playlist: Rally for Obama

October 1, 2008

This is for Anne and Julia and all the other volunteers and supporters working to get the man elected!

  1. J Dilla – “Two Can Win”
  2. The Roots – “The Next Movement” (“You listeners, stop what you’re doing and/Set it in motion, it’s the next movement”)
  3. Santogold – “Unstoppable”
  4. OK Go – “This Will Be Our Year” (covering the Zombies)
  5. Yes – “I’ve Seen All Good People”
  6. Elliott Smith – “L.A.” (“If patience started a band/I’d be her biggest fan”)
  7. Nina Simone – “Just in Time”
  8. Mos Def – “There Is a Way” (“This is the song people need to be singing right now/When they tell you you can’t, you shouldn’t, you won’t/Tell ’em this:”)
  9. Lauryn Hill – “Everything Is Everything” (“What is meant to be will be/After winter must come spring/Change, it comes eventually”)
  10. Talib Kweli featuring Jean Grae – “Say Something”
  11. Rage Against the Machine – “People of the Sun”
  12. A Tribe Called Quest – “Can I Kick It?” (“Yes you can!”)