Playlist: Rally for Obama

This is for Anne and Julia and all the other volunteers and supporters working to get the man elected!

  1. J Dilla – “Two Can Win”
  2. The Roots – “The Next Movement” (“You listeners, stop what you’re doing and/Set it in motion, it’s the next movement”)
  3. Santogold – “Unstoppable”
  4. OK Go – “This Will Be Our Year” (covering the Zombies)
  5. Yes – “I’ve Seen All Good People”
  6. Elliott Smith – “L.A.” (“If patience started a band/I’d be her biggest fan”)
  7. Nina Simone – “Just in Time”
  8. Mos Def – “There Is a Way” (“This is the song people need to be singing right now/When they tell you you can’t, you shouldn’t, you won’t/Tell ’em this:”)
  9. Lauryn Hill – “Everything Is Everything” (“What is meant to be will be/After winter must come spring/Change, it comes eventually”)
  10. Talib Kweli featuring Jean Grae – “Say Something”
  11. Rage Against the Machine – “People of the Sun”
  12. A Tribe Called Quest – “Can I Kick It?” (“Yes you can!”)

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3 Responses to “Playlist: Rally for Obama”

  1. Anne Says:

    Jojo… this is AMAZING! We were just talking about how we need a good Obama playlist. Can’t wait to make this and crank it in Julia’s car!

  2. juliacsmith Says:

    Anne is putting this together now. We will blast it through the streets of New Kensington and Aspinwall and Oakland, PA! We miss you.

  3. joannameng Says:

    Yay!! Miss you guys too…. Hope you’re having fun!

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