TMBG loves the World’s Fair site

One of my favorite buildings in all of New York City is the New York State Pavilion, which was used in the 1964-65 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens.

I was pleased to find out recently that the video for my favorite They Might Be Giants song, “Don’t Let’s Start,” was shot inside the Pavilion!

Notice the map on the floor that John and John are rolling on around 1:10 in the video. It’s a road map of New York state. Nowadays it looks like this:

And another one of TMBG’s songs, “Ana Ng,” which I also like (especially because that’s practically my name), mentions the World’s Fair site:

All alone at the ’64 World’s Fair
Eighty dolls yelling “Small girl after all”
Who was at the Dupont Pavilion?
Why was the bench still warm? Who had been there?


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3 Responses to “TMBG loves the World’s Fair site”

  1. Abbi Says:

    Nice find!!

  2. Jesse Says:

    Very cool! I followed the link and now the fact that there are texaco gas stations on the map makes more sense.

  3. Don’t Let’s Start blog post… Says:

    […]… […]

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