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Mos Def and Black Radio at the Blue Note

January 25, 2009

Mos Def Blue NoteStood for two hours in the 15°F wind last night to get into the Blue Note to see Mos Def. Good thing we were the first two people in line, because there were only two good seats at the bar (that actually faced the stage).

Sitting right behind the wait station and next to the bar was very distracting—I kept catching myself paying more attention to the waitresses filling their drink orders than I was to the performance; and my back and shoulders were killing me from standing tensely so long in the cold; and I was exhausted from staying out late the night before; and some of Mos Def’s songs were less than thrilling.

However, there were a few memorable gems:

“The Boogie Man Song” (one of my favorites from The New Danger) turned into an extended jazz version. I think that song shows off his smooth voice better than any other song.

They did a totally unexpected cover: Radiohead’s “All I Need.” And it was surprisingly good!

Apparently Mos Def plays the piano: He started to play a goofy instrumental song which he said was about his kids and their stylish ways, called “The Kids Look Fresh.” Then he showed how that song became the background of “Perfect Timing” (from True Magic). It was the first time I’ve seen him rap/sing while playing an instrument.

Just when I thought the show couldn’t get weirder, he started to recite the poem read by Elizabeth Alexander after Obama was sworn in at the inauguration. Strange choice. But I have to say, his style of delivery certainly made the poem sound much better.


Another place to listen

January 19, 2009

I’m trying out another site called where you can “be a DJ” by deciding which songs to broadcast under your name. Check out my page to listen to all the songs I’ve “blipped.”