About DJ Jojo

My name is Joanna Eng. I’m a wannabe DJ, but I don’t think I really know enough about music. So while I learn more, I figured I would start a blog about my musical obsessions.

I started this blog to share music with friends (and stalkers) and get to know your tastes; analyze music-related news with a social justice perspective; document my ideas for mixes, playlists, songs, and mashups; review albums, performances, and soundtracks; interpret song lyrics; and be somewhat of an antidote to the hipster indie rock reviews that I don’t like reading and don’t even understand half the time anyway.

I listen to a lot of hip hop, a decent amount of rock, and a bit of folk, Latin, pop, jazz, and “world.”

Thanks for reading!


4 Responses to “About DJ Jojo”

  1. Fivestar Says:

    Yay! Congrats on the new blog… Now I can stalk you!

  2. dan eng Says:

    do not stalk my sister!!! or i will start stalking you

  3. juliacsmith Says:

    joanna is supremely stalkable. and she provides such groovalicious stalking soundtracks!

  4. Usoul Mag Says:

    Yo. I want to use the 9th photo for a feature on him in usoul. Let’s chat. Maybe we can do an article on you or something đŸ™‚


    usoul mag… the internet’s hottest digi mag for soul music
    100k/mo reads and counting đŸ™‚

    our covers include musiq soulchild, kindred the fam, nicolay, 88-keys & yahzarah

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