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Ready for Summer?

June 1, 2009

One of my favorite things about NYC is the free summer concerts. Every spring, I make a list of about ten shows I want to see—but I usually only actually make it to one or two of them.

Little Brother in Fort Greene Park, BrooklynSome of the best (or at least most memorable) concerts I’ve been to have been the free ones: the Roots on Pier 54 in July 2005, one of the best nights of my first summer in New York; Little Brother in Fort Greene Park in 2006, where they said hello to me before the show on my way to the bathroom, but I was too shy to respond; Cafe Tacuba in Central Park in 2007, where I was knocked around in a humid, smelly, dusty mosh pit; Girlyman at Madison Square Park in 2007, when we took awkward pictures with Ty and found out that Doris used to be a camp counselor of someone my girlfriend knew from college; Lauryn Hill at Wingate Park in 2007, even though she showed up three hours late, looked and sounded almost unrecognizable (and, well, not that great); Jean Grae, 9th Wonder, and Talib Kweli at Fat Beats in 2008, where I stood five feet from the Jeanius herself.

Here are some I might make it to this summer:


My summer anthem: the Mister Softee song

August 4, 2008

Ever since moving to NYC, I’ve had the Mister Softee ice cream truck song stuck in my head. The trucks are only around for a few months of the year, but they’re so omnipresent during the summer (and that song is so damn repetitive and loud) that I find myself singing it even in the middle of winter. Apparently it drove Mayor Bloomberg nuts; and Michael Hearst disliked it so much that he composed 13 original songs that he thinks the trucks should play instead. (Doesn’t Track 1, aptly named “Ice Cream!”, sound like it could be a Sufjan Stevens song?) The Mister Softee song used to drive me nuts too, but this year—my third summer here—I think I’ve started to embrace it.

So I was pretty excited to find out today that the sheet music and lyrics are on the Mister Softee website. I didn’t even know it had lyrics. It’s my lucky day!

If you can’t sing and play it yourself, here’s a video of some guy singing it. (He says he’s Mister Softee himself, but I thought Mister Softee was the ugly cone-head man.)

If copyrights allowed it, I bet the Mister Softee tune—mixed with a hot beat—would make the perfect backdrop for a catchy NYC hip hop anthem. It pretty much already is playing in the background of everything I do, though, so I guess it wouldn’t make too much of a difference.